An extended-duration exercise

The effect will be one of deep immersion in the self and an altered state of consciousness. The exercise Object attributes. Duration 2-3 hours. Word change interval 2-5 minutes.

Purely thought

A word usually appears first as an image, before it is pronounced as a word, then it arises as a thought, then is said "to oneself", and only after that, aloud. The most energy-expensive phase (and usually a fairly pointless one) is the internal utterance of the word. When one liberates oneself from this phase, a great deal of energy is freed up, and a certain freshness, of mind and body alike, is realized; one's sleep improves, irritability decreases, and accumulated fatigue vanishes – something that doesn't happen even in health resorts.

So the goal of this experiment is to identify the level of "thought" and remove internal utterance from it.

The exercise Object attributes is performed lying down with closed eyes, for a duration of 30 minutes with a 2-minute word-change interval. During those two minutes, think about a specific attribute of the self, but say to yourself another attribute, or some word with no thematic load. For example, while imagining/seeing/remembering/thinking/visualizing/recollecting some "wooden" surface, pronounce internally ("to yourself") "plastic" or "rhombus". That way you will be breaking down the programmed pattern "I am saying what I am thinking". It's a good idea to do this exercise just before going to sleep, since deep, high-quality sleep usually follows soon after the conclusion of the exercise. Gradually you will stop pronouncing attributes "to yourself".