About Spontanics

Spontanics is a tool for self-realization and personal development, based on effective exercises used by public speakers and simple techniques for concentrating one's attention.

The Spontanics exercises will help develop the imagination and mental sharpness, increase eloquence, uncover creative potential, and restore freedom of expression.

Where to begin?

Once or twice a day, for three days, do the exercise Object Attributes. You may do the exercise once in front of a mirror, and once with eyes closed.

Then go to The object speaks for itself. This one you can do lying down with your eyes closed.

First variant. The exercise takes 20-30 minutes, with an interval for switching to a new word every 2-3 minutes.

Second variant. This is a 30-minute exercise with 3 phases: 5 minutes with a 1-minute interval; then 10 minutes with a 2-minute interval; finally 15 minutes with a 3-minute interval. You will get a pleasant sensation of warmth and floating.

To receive the maximum effect of the exercises, read The gist of the matter and follow the recommendations there.

Where and how to do the exercises?

As you begin your acquaintance with Spontanics, you should do the exercises in a quiet space, in front of a mirror, situating yourself comfortably in a chair or easy chair.

Once you have mastered the technique, you may do them wherever and whenever you like, for example, on public transportation, with closed eyes, listening to the Announcer through earphones, and "talking to yourself".

It is best to conduct the group exercises in a quiet, peaceful place, and in friendly surroundings.


You may add your own personal vocabularies (for instance, "Relatives", "Philosophy", "Curse Words", and so forth).

In the mobile apps for iPhone and Android, you may control the timer using the microphone button on your earphones: one click for Pause, two clicks to change the word, three clicks restarts the current word.

Do you have a question about Spontanics? Ask away – I will be glad to answer! :-)