Look steadily, without blinking, into your partner's eyes (if you are doing this with someone else), or into your own eyes (if you are alone, using a mirror). Eyes out of focus!


Your distance from the mirror should be no more than half the length of your outstretched arm.

You may refocus your gaze. You may blink (or avert your eyes) at the sound of the Alert before the next word.

Try to keep both your eyes and your body motionless. It helps to assume a comfortable, relaxed, seated position.

Direct your gaze toward the bridge of the nose, the spot between the eyebrows, the left eye, and the right eye, in turn. Change from one to the other only at the sound of the Alert.

If you wear glasses, try the exercises without them. You will notice a difference.

Speak loudly.

Keep trying to make a note of the moment the word pops into your head.

When doing the exercises with a partner

The listener should not correct, amend, prompt, or evaluate what the speaker says.

The partner's only job is to make sure you are looking at him/her right in the eyes, and when necessary, to remind you (perhaps with a gesture) about the eye-to-eye contact.

The distance between partners should be no more than the length of your outstretched arm.